PSSC Thematic Areas Background

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› Global challenges for sustainable development

The development challenges and goals for the Partners in South-South Cooperation are determined by the global issues discussed on the:

› PSSC concept of Sustainable development

The PSSC adopts the Brundtland definition of sustainable development, which emphasises the close relation and interaction among the economic, social and ecological dimensions of development (1998): “Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

Sustainable development focuses on improving the quality of life for all of the Earth’s citizens without increasing the use of natural resources beyond the capacity of the environment to supply them indefinitely. It requires an understanding that inaction has consequences and that mankind must find innovative ways to change institutional structures and influence individual behaviour. It is about taking action, changing policy and practice at all levels, from the individual to the international. Sustainable development is not a new idea. Many cultures over the course of human history have recognised the need for harmony among the environment, society and economy.

› PSSC Main Thematic Areas

The definition of sustainable development adopted by the PSSC emphasises on economic and social development and environmental protection. The UN Declaration of the 2005 World Summit on September 13th stresses these three components particularly when referring to sustainable development. The PSSC addresses, directly or in an indirect manner, the prioritised sustainable development themes (especially water, energy, agriculture and biodiversity) and the Millennium Development Goals (especially poverty reduction, gender, environmental sustainability and partnership for development).

Advanced analysis and strategy statements on the main thematic areas were elaborated in the first draft of the Annual Plan 2005-2006, as result of consultations of stakeholders in a series of workshops, between 14 and 16 of November 2005 in Thimphu, Bhutan.

By means of joint collaboration between the PSSC partner countries, and in order to contribute to the development goal of contributing to sustainable development patterns, and to facilitate policy dialogue (both within as between the partner countries), six PSSC thematic areas, were defined as priority:

The four thematic areas, the cross-cutting fifth theme, and the conceptual sixth theme, are translated into six immediate objectives of the PSSC. All activities of the PSSC are oriented towards achieving significant and verifiable outcomes in these themes; which also constitute the basic themes for project eligibility in rounds of “calls for proposals”.