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Benin, Bhutan and Costa Rica entered into a partnership through the South-South Cooperation Programme for Sustainable Development, with the financial support from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This initiative was established in 2002 based on the principles of equality, reciprocity and participation of all societal stakeholders.

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“Benin, Bhutan, Costa Rica through one Lens”, Photographs of Javier del Campo

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Duration: May 30 – June 16
Venue: City Hall (Atrium), Spui 70, The Hague

Opening: 14.30 - 15.00 by Deputy Mayor Marjolein de Jong and René Castro, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Costa Rica

Partners in South-South Cooperation, formerly Programme for South-South Cooperation, initiated and funded by the Netherlands, will present 60 beautiful, funny and breathtaking photographs from Benin, Bhutan and Costa Rica. The aim is to show Dutch citizens how their development project succeeded and to say thank you for the financial support.

With his photographs, Javier del Campo shows that, while indeed there are multiple realities, there are also similarities between the three countries. Through the experience of the lens, Javier is able to convey the warmth of the people. The manifestation of this warmth is more than obvious in the smiles of the people in the three countries.

You can see some of the photographs in our photo gallery. You can also find a video with more photographs, called "Smiles from Bhutan, Costa Rica and Benin" here.