Conference on International Social Responsibility and Opening of the Photo Exhibition "Three continents, one Vision"

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14 October sees the inauguration of the new Marga Klompé Chair, Prof. Mirjam van Reisen, at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. The inauguration will take the form of a conference on International Social Responsibility, with a host of distinguished speakers in attendance.

They will include the former Dutch Prime Minister, the Zimbabwean Minister of National Healing and Reconciliation and the Director General of Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. 

The meeting will enable the exchange of views and perspectives on social responsibility, with a particular focus on the solidarity between people of different cultures and situations.

The meeting will also be followed by the opening of the photo exhibition "Three continents, One vision", featuring photos of Javier del Campo,  who has travelled through Benin, Bhutan and Costa Rica to create this breathtaking collection of photos.

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