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Benin, Bhutan and Costa Rica entered into a partnership through the South-South Cooperation Programme for Sustainable Development, with the financial support from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This initiative was established in 2002 based on the principles of equality, reciprocity and participation of all societal stakeholders.

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Building Block on South-South and Triangular Cooperation Brussels

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The IV High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, that took place in Busan, Republic of Korea (November 29 - December 1) was a historic opportunity to recognize that the cooperation landscape is experiencing decisive changes, several of them triggered by the pro-active role of southern partners that are broadening the menu of development options for addressing key development common challenges.

The Busan Outcome Document not only pledges to broaden support for South-South (SSC) and Triangular Cooperation (TrC), helping to tailor these horizontal partnerships to a greater diversity of country contexts and needs. It also provides a clear and strong political mandate, in the framework of the emerging Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation

More than 60 partners of the South-South process had been working towards this goal since the Bogotá High Level Event in March 2010. This 20-month process marked a milestone in the history of SSC and TrC as countries, international organizations and civil society organizations, with the support of a community of practice of more than 1,400 members worldwide and a broad network of academic institutions from Africa, America and Asia, engaged in an extended and rigorous discussion in order to explore the full potential of this modality and its contribution to global development.

The results of this process not only showed the importance of learning more systematically and rigorously (producing 31 case studies and more than 150 case stories) about what works and what doesn't in SSC and TrC, it also generated valuable commitments at the global and national level that are now key to the success of the implementation of a more detailed work plan.

Objectives of the meeting

As announced during the breakfast meeting that gathered all the Building Block members in Busan (Nov. 30, 2011), the first official working meeting of the Building Block will be convened by the Government of Colombia and facilitated by La Francophonie on the March 5-6, 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.

During the meeting, all members will have the opportunity to examine the proposal in light of the commitments contained in the Busan Outcome Document and the current discussions of the Post-Busan Interim Group, and agree on concrete actions and next steps that will allow its successful implementation.